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Yo peeps I got a website.
If I find out that you're stealing my pictures, I will find you and harpoon you.
I know my DeviantArt following isn't that big,

but I feel like I've dissapointed you all anyway...
I am not a California peach, but if I was I suppose I would taste pretty good.
Unless I come up with $200 in the next week. ... bad things will happen to me.

this is awesome, because I have no way of doing this.

also, i have found out that my parents have been undercover Power Rangers for most of my childhood.
this is awkward news for me.
I'm going tomorrow to an open call in NYC to be on America's Next Top MOdel.

Too bad I'm fat.
Attention people things:

I have become a baby bird.

Please do not shoot me out of the sky.

....fucking idiots.
i know i haven't been posting lately.

i'm planning some shoots for soon.
today is the day my mother birthed me from her womb 19 years ago.

remember that secret you couldnt hold onto?

it seems like life is passing us by.
so open your eyes.
i'm doing much better.
I miss you boy A.
I love you boy B.

Note to boy A&B.

I am a child and I want to die.

Do not love me.

P.S. One time, I went 7 day's with no food.
i painted my room.

this is a metaphor for coffee.

...people have been telling me i'm crazy and wear weird things.
  • Eating: jesus loves you
Come in she said: "I'll give ya,

           shelter from the storm..."
I feel so out of touch lately.
you have a hurricane,

i can't even tell you what a storm i have in my heart for you.

4 days.

we've almost made it.
I will not teach your boyfriend how to dance.

(..I am made of candy.)
It doesn't matter how many jazz albums you own, or the number of Ginsberg poems you've read, or even how many keg stands you did that one time at some guy named Jeff's party. You're a complete vapid moron, regardless of your degree in philosophy, or the number of times you've ordered espresso from the local coffee shop. Really you're not that interesting, now stop telling me stories of your celebrity friends, so I can watch Power Rangers in fucking peace.
i hate everything.

and no one is coming to see me, and im stuck and im puking and bleeding and i dont care and poop.

im apatheic and im going to kill things.

and i give up.
on everything.

do not send me comments telling me im cool, or i will spam your deviantart page.